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Anaerobic adhesives
- Are solvent free & cure when deprived of air & through the catalytic effect of metals

Nut Lock 50M
A medium strength grade for locking all types of threaded fasteners but still allowing for disassembly.

Stud Lock 230M
A high stength semi-permanent grade for locking threads which are unlikely to be disassembled.
Retainer 230L
High strength retainer for bearings, bushes , sleeves & all cylindrical parts, eliminating the need for mechanical retaining methods

Hydraulic Sealant 100M
A product specially formulated for sealing hydraulic & pneumatic joints without contamination of the fluid.

Pipe Sealant FD10
A low strength, high viscosity sealant for pipes & coarse threads.
Flange Sealant FD20
A high viscosity paste-like gasket eliminator which can be used directly onto metal surfaces but allows for easy disassembly.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives - are solvent free, cold curing single component adhesives which polymerise through the catalytic effect of the atmosphere humidity.


77 for general purpose rubber, plastic & metal, gap fill up to 0.2mm.
8300 for rubber profiles, gap fill up to 0.05mm
8400 for rubber / plastic profiles & foams, gap fill up to 0.1mm
7000 for metals, gap fill up to 0.1mm.
99 for metals, gap fill up to 0.2mm

Also contact adhesive, RTV silicon rubber adhesive &
silicone sealants.