NDA Engineering Equipment Limited

Telephone: 01234 855030


We offer sound technical & practical advice on many styles of glandpacking.

High Quality for effective sealing & long term economy or cheaper styles where performance is less critical.
We stock several basic styles in most sizes including Kevlar, PTFE,
GFO fibre, Graphited synthetic fibre, PTFE impregnated vegetable fibre….
Specials & specific brands are available on short lead times.

Food quality, abrasion resistant, chemical tolerant & high temperature capabilities.

Supplied in standard box quantities or cut lengths in three forms :-

  • Short stock lengths
  • Mitred lengths cut to suit a given shaft diameter ready for installation. Hence no contamination, waste material or lost time.
  • Die formed rings for uniform compression throughout the stuffing box giving improved performance.
Labour saving tools :-
Packing cutters / knives
Packing extractors with replaceable wire tips or fixed forged tips.