NDA Engineering Equipment Limited

Telephone: 01234 855030


Extrusions ;-
We offer a broad range of standard profiles such as U sections, glazing profiles, D sections, P sections & cord in Nitrile, EPDM or Neoprene rubber.
Made to order specials can be economical subject to profile, material & quantity.
We specialise in silicon rubber profiles for food & high temperature applications.
Joined extrusions;-
As a cheaper alternative to moulding we can
vulcanise or bond lengths of extrusion
to form round or straight sided frame seals.

Mouldings ;-
We can offer a comprehensive moulding service ranging from small batch simple items to larger runs with intricate tooling. Thus covering washers, coupling rubbers, bungs, seals, etc in most rubbers & Polyurethane.

Sheeting ;-
Full rolls, cut lengths & strips.
Solid rubber - Neoprene, Nitrile, Natural, Viton, Silicone, EPDM, Polyurethane.
Sponge rubber - Plain or adhesive backed, Neoprene, EPDM, Polyurethane, Silicone.

Conveyor Belts ;-
PVC, Polyurethane & rubber in cut lengths, endless belts, cord & rings

Special Fabrications ;- Bonded seal rings, bellows, discharge sleeves, label presser belts, pinch valve sleeves �..

Rubber covered rollers & wheels ;-
In most rubbers & Polyurethanes, new or stripped & re-covered