NDA Engineering Equipment Limited

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If you are replacing a current seal "like for like" or fitting a direct equivalent we can cross reference part numbers or
identify from samples.

Click here to download our 6 page seal identification guide to view and print (takes approximately 4 minutes). You will need an Adobe acrobat reader to read the seal guide. Click here to download the free reader.

We supply & stock a wide range of seals from several manufacturers such as :- John Crane, Flexibox,
Sealol, Cyclam, Roten, Merkel, etc

To compliment our supply of new seals we offer a comprehensive refurbishment service covering most types of seals. This can involve cleaning, re-lapping faces & fitting new O rings. Or making new components complete, returning a used seal to as new condition for approximately 50% of new seal price for long term economy.
Our mechanical seal range is probably one of the widest in the UK, giving you, what you want.

Not, what a pressure salesman wants to sell you !